Market Intelligence

How do you choose what you want?
Because you know it, or because you think so?
In the Internet 4.0 era it’s possible to know the market before the competition and predict threats and business opportunities.
Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and the Internet of Things are not science fiction. They’re fundamental management tools.
The world as changed. Change with it.

Global Trade

IC Group offers the most complete line of freight management services in Lisbon

Our services include:

Container Management Services
Import Freight Handling
Export Freight Handling
Storage And Warehousing

Open Innovation

Would you say that all the smartest people in the world work in your company?

Guess not.

Although this may seem obvious, it is, however, a very common misconception which manifests in the way many companies do innovation:

leaving all the creative work to their employees alone.

Call us.

Business Development

Is your idea a good business? A good idea might not be a good business.

Do you want to risk time and money without being sure?  We have the experience, mentors and partners to advise you on how to take the right decisions.

Digital Transformation

If you’re in a hole take an advice. Stop digging.
You know that the digital transformation of your business is mandatory if you want keep up with the competition. We combine the experience of the corporate world with the technological expertise of the Internet of Things (era).

Cyber Security

Your cyber security score is only a small part of the story.

FortifyData’s platform evaluates your technology, people, processes and partner

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