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With FortifyData’s next-generation cybersecurity risk management platform, you get more than a misattributed rating or score. Our platform offers the most accurate insight of risk exposure by performing a comprehensive analysis, using advanced vulnerability and threat detection technology to assess and quantify risk on external and internal assets, and controls in place for your organization and third party partners.

The software is designed specifically to help corporations evaluate their cyber risk in real time and on demand, and monitor their exposure to cyber risk.


Next-Generation Cybersecurity Ratings & Risk Management


Transparent Approach, Incorporates All Risk Factors, Identifies Specific Weaknesses


Only Assess Relevant Systems and Resources, System Classification Based on Severity,


Integrated Collaboration, Assess with Custom Questionnaires, Leverage “Third-Party Network Effect


Continuously Monitor for Change

Third-Party Risk Management

Complete Cybersecurity Risk Insights

Our platform gives you immediate visibility to the security postures of your third parties and subsidiaries. It identifies their attack surfaces and rates the effectiveness of their security controls against applicable frameworks.

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Compliance Gaps and Reporting

Instantly measure compliance levels against your organization’s standard questionnaire or well-known frameworks such as ISO27001, PCI DSS, NIST CSF, HIPAA, SOC2, and more. With our automated compliance validation, you can discover gaps in controls, allowing you to spend less time reviewing evidence.

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Faster Vendor Assessment Process

Speed up your third-party assessments with insightful risk data available in hours. Quickly identify your most vulnerable third parties and create action plans to reduce critical risks.


Compliance Management

Your Challenge

Compliance obligations such as PCI, ISO, NIST, SOC2, GDPR, HIPAA, and others can be challenging to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. Many solutions used today are solely based on simple Excel spreadsheets or web-based questionnaires that do not provide any value beyond tracking outdated responses.

To be efficient in understanding and managing compliance risks as they arise, your compliance manager must ensure the following issues are addressed:

  • Lack of continuously identifying and reporting control gaps
  • Ineffective control assignment and management
  • Ineffective task tracking and reminders
  • Poor collaboration between teams
  • Inaccurate reporting of compliance level

Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

360° Risk Insight

Most rating providers are limited with only assessing the external attack surface of organizations with outdated open-source data, which is a dangerous practice that leads to a false sense of security. FortifyData uses non-intrusive active and passive assessments to uncover vulnerabilities of both your external and internal infrastructure with considerations to security controls implemented.

Manage Your Rating

To understand your risk exposure level, accuracy is everything. Fully manage your cyber rating and the factors affecting your risk profile using FortifyData, ensuring your risk rating is accurate—free of misattributions and false positives. FortifyData’s comprehensive approach goes beyond traditional rating methodologies and gives you the flexibility to manage your security ratings with full access to classify your systems, adjust likelihood and impact of threats. This enables you to confidently present the most accurate view of your cyber risk exposure to your key stakeholders, board and customers.

Custom Data Feed Integration

The FortifyData platform allows you to ingest any type of risk-informed data to build out a customizable scoring model. Examples below are solution data feeds that can be ingested and factored into a customized risk model:


  • GRC platforms
  • Vulnerability scanners
  • SIEMs
  • IDS/IPSs, and more.




Conduct external attack surface assessments and manage your security rating


Perform internal network risk assessments throughout your infrastructure


Manage and monitor your cloud security posture and identify misconfigurations

  • FortifyCustom

Build out a custom risk model that fits your business risk exposure


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